Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – TXJET – An Indiana Donor Network Innovation

Issue In a lifesaving business such as organ donation and transplantation, minutes and hours matter. Often, the recipient of a donor’s organs will be hundreds of miles away from the donor. In 2014, the organ donation and transplantation industry lacked a dedicated air transportation service for lifesaving organs and transplant teams. Solution Indiana Donor Network […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – Ellenville Regional Hospital – Managing The Opioid Epidemic: Collaboration Between A Critical Access Hospital And A Federally Qualified Healthcare Center

Issue Quantitative and qualitative analysis of Emergency Department visits at Ellenville Regional Hospital, a critical access hospital, revealed that a significant subpopulation was driving hospital utilization due to chronic pain. These visits often resulted in the administration and/or prescription of opioids. Solution The solution was to reduce the use of opioids as a treatment option […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – Peterson Health – Collaboration With Intalere Results In Significant Savings

Issue Peterson Health was not running its supply chain and materials management functions efficiently, nor were they taking advantage of the benefits offered by their group purchasing organization, Intalere. They needed more products on contract, better pricing on those products and better tracking of contracts. They also needed to analyze their complete product formulary to […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight-New York City Health + Hospitals Sea View-Commitment To Resident-Centered Care: Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment MOLST Documentation

Issue Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) formulation is the cornerstone of true resident-centered plans of care. This essential document allows practitioners to treat and care for residents according to their own known wishes. Via a quality assurance process, New York City Health + Hospitals/Sea View recognized a large percentage of residents lacked this essential […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – Lompoc Health – North H Center

Issue Lompoc Valley Medical Center (LVMC) was looking to expand its primary care and specialty offerings but had no established building space to do so. At this same time, Sansum Multi-Specialty Clinic made a business decision to close its clinic, threatening local access to primary care for thousands of patients. Solution LVMC coordinated the purchase […]

Intelligent Automation in Healthcare – Focus on Process

By John Carmelite, Vice President, Enterprise Applications, Intalere In my role leading Intalere’s Intelligent Automation practice I have the privilege of speaking with customers and business partners about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how it can help them transform their healthcare organization.  RPA is software that mimics the activity of a human being interacting with […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight-San Luis Walk-In Clinic – Integration Of The Chronic Care Management Plan And Behavioral Health Service Plan

Issue With the increase in their integrated care population – patients receiving both primary care and behavioral health services – San Luis Walk-In Clinic (SLWIC) quickly ran into an issue with there being two separate plans of care for each patient, making coordination of care and patient treatment compliance assessment challenging. Solution SLWIC established the […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – Intermountain Healthcare – Center For Value Based Surgery Improves the Physician/SCO Relationship to Allow Operational Improvements

Issue Physicians at Intermountain Healthcare were requesting deviations to contracted items and were sometimes resistant to standards, contracts or reducing variability. Solution Intermountain developed the Center for Value Based Surgery (CVBS), a cross-functional, hyper-focused program that brings the supply chain to the table as an active and engaged partner to surgical supplies decision making. The […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – Columbia County Health System – Materials Management Redesign

Issue Materials Management was a forgotten department at Columbia County Health System. There was a problem with inventory “shrinkage,” but the department was so disorganized that it was hard to determine the cause of the issue. The facility utilized four group purchasing organizations (GPOs), however, contact was minimal and benefits were not being realized. Solution […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – Improving Transition of Care in Nursing Facilities: Pharmacists Supporting the Interdisciplinary Team – Southwest Medical Pharmacy (part of OptumCare)

Issue OptumCare strives to provide innovative healthcare to its patient population and wanted to develop a program that would help ease the process for the patient as they transitioned into and out of the long-term care setting. A pilot project was developed to show the benefits of having a pharmacist involved in the skilled nursing […]