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The Need for a Comprehensive Energy Management Program: Part II

By Mike Reid, Vice President, Construction Capital and Facility Services, Intalere Typically, the most wasteful areas in a healthcare facility’s energy spending/consumption, and therefore, the greatest opportunities for savings are: Lighting Controls/control systems Motors/drives/HVAC In terms of the utility bill audit and its importance, utility companies make mistakes – not on purpose – it’s mainly due […]

Using the Cloud to Provide Mobile Connectivity for Healthcare Providers

In today’s healthcare environment, organizations must now deliver confidential patient information immediately to mobile caregivers and other professionals. Because of new government regulations, they must also take extra precautions in terms of privacy protection. Ensuring data availability to facilities of varying sizes in numerous locations, while also maintaining network capacity, as well as security and […]

Intalere CEO Blog: Don’t Overlook the Easy Opportunities. Supply Chain Standardization and the Value of Group Purchasing

As indicated in one of my earlier posts, a significant value group purchasing organizations (GPOs) can bring to members is guidance in standardizing products in the supply chain. Although healthcare supply chain management is a complex and challenging arena, there are a number of relatively easy steps that can be taken to reduce costs, reduce […]

The Need for a Comprehensive Energy Management Program

By Mike Reid, Vice President, Construction Capital and Facility Services, Intalere According to the United States Department of Energy, hospital energy costs have risen dramatically over the past ten years. Estimates project that hospitals are spending at least $8.5 billion on energy costs, and the amount could easily be closer to $11–$15 billion. In general, […]

Intalere CEO Blog-The Evolving Value of Group Purchasing to Healthcare Leaders-Part II

In a post last week, I referenced a recent article entitled “Leaders Wanted” written by James Francis and David Loeb of the Mayo Clinic. The article made a case for supply chain leaders to develop comprehensive supply chain strategies for new environment of healthcare reform. The article identified a number of key market forces and […]