New Intalere Member Best Practice Compendium Shares “How the Best is Done”

Brent Johnson Intalere President-CEO
By Brent Johnson, Intalere President and CEO

In today’s challenging healthcare environment, providers, both big and small, must continuously find creative ways to improve operations, maintaining high levels of quality care, while simultaneously keeping an eye on the bottom line. Our members continually strive to implement outstanding and innovative solutions in reducing healthcare costs and improving healthcare quality, providing great benefit to their patients, community and business partners.

We are proud to have recently released the second edition of the Intalere Healthcare Achievement Awards Best Practice Compendium to our membership. The publication is a compilation of completed projects submitted by Intalere members for the company’s annual awards program. We began this compendium project last year as an extension of the awards program because of our belief that it is important to not only recognize the efforts of our members, but also to share these accomplishments with other facilities which are possibly facing similar challenges and may be able to use the experiences of other facilities in assisting them in achieving similar successes.

This project highlights Intalere’s philosophy of a main benefit of engagement and membership in a group purchasing organization – the opportunity to collaborate, share best practices and participate in setting priorities. Much of Intalere’s success results from its philosophy of providing its members a voice in the way we serve them. Intalere actively seeks member input for program development, contracting strategies and supplier selections. By participating in committees, forums and meetings, members gain a voice in developing new programs and enhancing the delivery of healthcare services and their suggestions can be incorporated into every aspect of the organization, with the ultimate goal of maximizing benefits for all members. Likewise these forums also provide the opportunity to gain knowledge from similar organizations that are facing related issues and learning how they are innovating to succeed.

The compendium, under the theme “How the Best is Done,” offers overviews of more than 50 successful projects accomplished by Intalere members. Each project includes the issue or challenge faced, the solution put in place to resolve the issue and the results of the initiative. The hope is that these successes will inspire, educate and provide best practices that other members will be able to implement within their own facilities.

Each year, members submit their completed projects for consideration in four categories – Community Impact and Innovation, Financial and Operational Improvement, Quality/Patient Care Delivery and Patient Satisfaction, Supply Chain/Data Management and Supply Cost Efficiencies. Twelve winners were chosen to receive awards this year, but all of the projects submitted offer useful and worthwhile information that is compiled in the compendium document for the benefit of all members.

Our hope is that the information provided in this publication is helpful to all our members in some way in enhancing their operations, quality of care and patient satisfaction. Over the coming weeks and months, we invite you to follow our blog to read about the successful projects our members have implemented. Together, through collaboration, engagement and access, we can positively impact healthcare delivery for the future.

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