Monthly Archives: August 2015

Transforming the Perception on the Importance of the Healthcare Supply Chain

By Brent Johnson, President and CEO, Intalere The healthcare supply chain is complex and very costly. And cost pressures on healthcare coming in the future create a “burning platform” or big need for supply chain to demonstrate their value. The low hanging fruit, or value, of supply chain is still easier to obtain than laying […]

The New Economics of Mobile Health

By Kevin Lasser, CEO, JEMS Technology, and Marshall Busko, Senior Director, Information Technology Solutions, Intalere The idea of mobile health has been with us since the 1960s and 1970s when NASA began to monitor astronauts’ biometrics remotely and the federal government provided funding for seven telemedicine research and development projects. But, recently, its popularity is […]

Member Best Practice Spotlight: Hospice of Dayton – Expanded Centralized Purchasing to Meet the Needs for Partners with Ohio’s Hospice

We begin our monthly series focused on how our members are tackling their daily challenges through innovative solutions with the Hospice of Dayton reducing costs by centralizing purchasing functions. Issue Supplies ordered by smaller partners can be more expensive because of various factors. Many orders create waste due to order requirements being larger than needed […]