Member Best Practice Spotlight: Hospice of Dayton – Expanded Centralized Purchasing to Meet the Needs for Partners with Ohio’s Hospice

We begin our monthly series focused on how our members are tackling their daily challenges through innovative solutions with the Hospice of Dayton reducing costs by centralizing purchasing functions.

Supplies ordered by smaller partners can be more expensive because of various factors. Many orders create waste due to order requirements being larger than needed or the added expense of trying to buy supplies in small quantities. Supplies are not readily available when needed, and different processes, items and management of supply spend create waste and confusion.

Hospice of Dayton, under the umbrella of Ohio’s Hospice, expanded centralized purchasing services to cover all partners who need additional services. Under this centralized system, the hospice’s partners do not have to carry the complete expense of expanding or establishing their own purchasing department, but can easily consolidate their volume and purchase processes through this affiliation.

Successful implementation of centralized purchasing processes and services has resulted in efficient and cost effective purchase and delivery solutions including stocking at affiliate locations. Cost savings (20% initial savings in medical supply cost) were achieved by consolidating purchases and the effective use of existing staff. All affiliate locations are now maintained through central purchasing at the Dayton location.

About Hospice of Dayton
Founded in 1978, Hospice of Dayton is a non-profit agency that cares for patients facing life limiting illnesses and their families. Hospice of Dayton provides care for over 4,000 patients annually in homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals and in two Hospice Houses in an eight county service area in southwestern Ohio.

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