Rebranding Is Easy When Your Story Is True

By Laurie McGrath, CMO, Intalere

Laurie McGrath, Intalere Chief Marketing Officer

I remember early on in my career hearing a presentation from David Aakers, the great brand guru at the time, talk about compelling brand stories. As a marketer, I was forever changed by this presentation. I realized for the first time how incredibly important the ability to deliver the story is to the equity of the brand. It is so much more than a new name, logo and color treatments.

Customers identify with stories as do employees. They need something to hold onto and evangelize through every single brand experience touchpoint.

Last week our company “Amerinet” went through a significant rebranding initiative. Throughout the entire process (research, naming, branding elements, logo, etc.), I kept focusing on the story behind this change— how we came to be, why our products and services are special, what our employees are passionate about, how we help make people’s lives better, and why our customers do business with us.

I quickly realized when your story is strong and truthful, it comes easy. You aren’t searching for elements to make it sensational. You are simply articulating what your story has been and what it will continue to be in the future.

In order to give our customers a clearer sense of who we are, where we’re taking them and why this is important for healthcare, we needed to answer three basic questions to help pull our story out of its box.

What do we ultimately want to achieve?

Be the Essential Partner for Operational Excellence in Healthcare.

Our vision defines what we aspire to be. We see ourselves as more than just a partner. We will be the essential partner for healthcare organizations pursuing operational excellence. This means hospitals, clinics and health systems will seek us out because they know we are crucial to their improvement and success.

What will it take to get there?

Elevating the Operational Health of America’s Healthcare Providers.

This is our noble purpose and our rallying cry. It is why we exist. We do more than provide products for healthcare organizations. Our mission is to elevate the healthcare operations for each customer we serve. “Operations” in this case encompasses every aspect of healthcare, including patient care. As each single organization improves, healthcare as a whole across our nation will be elevated.

What are we going to do to get there?

Integrate and Nourish

Our new name, Intalere, is a combination of two key words that answers this question. “Int” is the beginning of the word “integrate.” “Alere” is Latin for “nourish.” We will help our customers deliver better-integrated, coordinated patient care by designing tailored, smart solutions that deliver optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes. When you think about it, nourishment is exactly what we deliver for healthcare in America. We provide sustaining products and services healthcare organizations across the country need to stay healthy and well.

As I reflect back on last week’s launch of Intalere – an exciting event filled with music, lights and even confetti cannons – there is one thing I’m certain of, we know who we are. The essence of the Intalere story is tightly woven into our strong core value proposition. And we can easily tell this story to our customers in an honest and engaging way. Because when the music ended, the confetti hit the floor and the applause became a soft background noise, the only thing that mattered was the story.

Contact us to learn more about how Intalere can help your organization elevate its healthcare operations.

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