Intalere Awards and Compendium Illustrate the Benefits of a Provider-Led Model

By Julius Heil, President and CEO, Intalere

Each year, through the Intalere Healthcare Achievement Awards program, Intalere recognizes its members for their successful initiatives implemented to enhance quality and operations, improve patient satisfaction and increase community awareness and education. For our most recent program, 13 winners were chosen to receive awards for their outstanding initiatives. Because all of the projects submitted, not just the winning projects, offer useful and worthwhile information and best practices, two years ago, we began the process of compiling all of our award submissions into a document we call the Intalere Best Practices Compendium.  Over the coming months, in blog posts and video vignettes, we will be sharing some of our member successes from this compendium.

The achievement awards truly illustrate the essence of the new Intalere brand – smart, tailored solutions, in supply chain and other areas, that showcase innovative products, services and technologies, and the best practices of progressive healthcare providers. This year’s compendium includes more than 50 successful projects accomplished by Intalere members. Each project includes the issue or challenge faced, the solution put in place to resolve the issue and the results of the initiative. If you are currently facing a similar challenge at your facility, we hope that sharing these best practices will be helpful to you and you will be encouraged and motivated by the successes of your fellow providers.

Many times, the shared experience of a situation or solution is what resonates most. It is only natural to trust and appreciate solutions that have been organically developed by organizations similar to yours and have proven successful in the field. When we talk about sharing the best practices of a provider-led model, this is exactly what we mean. The future value of these successful healthcare collaborations is the opportunity and ability to share them with other healthcare providers.

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