Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – Kingston HealthCare Company – Improved Employee Safety and Reduced Workers’ Compensation Expenses


Kingston HealthCare Company’s OSHA rate of employee injury in 2014 and 2015 was 7.7 and 7.6, respectively. This was higher than the 6.8 national incidence rate for the industry published by the Department of Labor.


After an analysis of the workplace injuries recorded, it was discovered that all injured employees were sent to off-site occupational health providers. Providing first aid onsite when appropriate would decrease claim costs. In addition, 38% of the overall workplace injuries were back strains; 64% of which were incurred by nursing assistants during patient transfers. Staff members were not routinely using the mechanical lifting equipment which was available. Using the Intalere supplier contracts, Kingston HealthCare Company acquired and installed standardized equipment throughout the facility. New hires are trained on the equipment and an annual competency review is required.


In 2016, Kingston HealthCare Company reduced its OSHA recordable incidence rate from 7.6 to 4.2; a 3.4 point reduction from the previous year. As Kingston HealthCare Company is primarily self-insured, achieving the goal of reducing the number of OSHA recordable incidents to 4.5 or below has had a tremendous financial impact. Workers’ compensation costs were reduced by 24.7%; an $83,000 reduction from 2015.


Kingston HealthCare Company is a privately held organization headquartered in Toledo, Ohio. The organization is comprised of six skilled nursing facilities and eight assisted living communities. Kingston’s skilled facilities specialize in post-acute care, stroke recovery, respiratory wellness and rehabilitation. The assisted living communities provide supportive environments for those who need assistance managing chronic illnesses in a comfortable apartment setting.

Check out the project video and view the Kingston Healthcare Company page in the 2017 Intalere Best Practices Compendium.

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