12 Things Healthcare Must Achieve Flash Video Series – Become a Brand

Julius Heil, Intalere President and CEOBy Julius Heil, President and CEO, Intalere

A central theme of today’s healthcare is that consumerism is here to stay. Patients are customers, and it is ever more critical to treat the patient, not the condition, and further, to deliver healthcare when and where the consumer wants it.

As with other consumer-based retail transactions, brand image is critical. Consumers must feel a trust and connection with their providers. They want to receive their product or service, in this case, care, from the entity whom they perceive to be the best. More than the sum of your advertising, sponsorship, promotion, etc., branding communicates an identity that has a personality and certain values and traits. It provides differentiation and value. Intermountain Healthcare is “Helping people live the healthiest lives possible,” Samaritan Healthcare Services, an Intalere member in the Oregon area, promises they are “building healthier communities together.”

We must realize that healthcare is personal for all of us, and everything we can do on that level to connect with patients and the community at large will help to ensure your sustainability.

Check out the latest video, Become a Brand, in our Flash Series and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more posts and videos about 12 Things Healthcare Must Achieve.

You can also download the executive briefing at intalere.com.

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