Deliver Value to the Customer and the Community

by Julius Heil, President and CEO, Intalere

Julius Heil

As in any consumer transaction, customers must feel that they have received proper value from their medical care provider. But as we have touched upon throughout other sections of this briefing, that value must be balanced between cost/quality factors to ensure sustainability for all. All options, including alternative treatment models must be more closely considered. Just because a facility has a certain kind of specialty, is that truly the best course of care for each patient? Rather than a surgery, is therapy, or a less invasive type of treatment more appropriate?

Much of this way of thinking and shifting the healthcare model also involves value-based counseling and decision making in collaboration with patients. What is best in each individual situation based on clinical outcomes and economics?

In short, the patient must always be the most important part of the equation. In November 2015, Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania, began their Proven Experience initiative. Essentially, if patients aren’t satisfied with the care they receive or an interaction with a professional, they can ask for a refund of their out-of-pocket cost.

Other healthcare providers are also beginning to offer similarly-themed initiatives. While these programs have not been without challenges, they remind us that this is the mindset we must continue to cultivate when it comes to healthcare delivery.  You can’t time the market on value. You should always do the right thing, right now.

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