Health IT Week Brings Focus to Transformational Impact on the Healthcare Model

Richard Mackey, Intalere SVP, IT

By Richard Mackey, Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Intalere

U.S. National Health IT Week, September 23-27, is a “nationwide action week focused on catalyzing change within the U.S. health system through the application of information and technology.” The goal is to work toward and highlight outcomes that demonstrate the power that information and technology have to transform healthcare, not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

The goal of elevating the conversation around the value, opportunities, and challenges of health IT is a critical one, as we are still an industry that can be somewhat more resistant to change than most.

I’ve often said, when it comes to technology and the pace and rate of change, it can be difficult to keep up and understand the benefits, access and costs to such things as artificial intelligence or machine learning, analytics or robotic process automation. But whether it is telehealth, electronic health records, patient safety, enhanced clinical outcomes or supply efficiency, data and technology are a vital foundation in moving us towards a better model.

The pressure on healthcare operations – top and bottom-line – has never been greater. If you’re interested in maintaining viability or continuing independence, information technology solutions can be used by your organization to improve your performance, right now, no matter your size or perceived ability to invest.

During Health IT Week, we are doing our part to extend knowledge and highlight resources in the area including:

  • A New Podcast – Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare – featuring John Carmelite, Senior Director of Applications IT/Business Systems at Intalere, along with Jason Warrelmann, Senior Healthcare Leader for UIPath. The podcast explores the myths surrounding RPA and how healthcare is starting to embrace it. Whether it’s task automation for contract management or revenue cycle management, RPA is a great, affordable solution that healthcare providers can implement quickly and can return rapid payback. 
  • Intelligent Automation Webinars – Beginning October 10, we are taking a deeper dive into the benefits of automation with a series of webinars. The first webinar will offer an overview on how automation can deliver direct profitability back into your organization while streamlining workflows, reducing errors, and saving time and resources. Subsequent sessions in November and December will focus on direct applications in revenue cycle and supply chain.

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