Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – Columbia County Health System – Materials Management Redesign


Materials Management was a forgotten department at Columbia County Health System. There was a problem with inventory “shrinkage,” but the department was so disorganized that it was hard to determine the cause of the issue. The facility utilized four group purchasing organizations (GPOs), however, contact was minimal and benefits were not being realized.


The Columbia County Health System purchasing manager envisioned a redesign and re-imagining of the physical inventory space. A new floor plan was developed that optimized the limited area and dramatically improved the work flow. New shelving units were installed so that items were visible and clearly labeled for easy access. In addition to the physical changes made, the facility also reviewed its current GPO relationships and decided to join Intalere through affiliate Health Resource Services (HRS). In addition to assisting with product pricing through negotiated contracts, Intalere assisted with sourcing for major purchases to help minimize costs.


With new processes in place, there has been an increase in inventory accuracy and a reduction in unaccounted inventory and expired products. The materials management department has become a high-functioning, important member of the system team that promotes the health and well-being of everyone in the community. Changing their GPO to Intalere helped not only in the materials management function, but across the entire organization, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiencies.

About Columbia County Health System

Columbia County Health System is located in Dayton, Wash. and serves a population of approximately 6,000 people. The system employs 159 persons and includes a critical access hospital offering wound care and hyperbaric services, a nursing home and two rural health clinics.

Check out the project video and view the Columbia County Health System page in the 2019 Intalere Best Practices Compendium.

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