Driving Value in Healthcare Through Supplier Collaboration – Part 5: Illustrating a Strategic, Collaborative Supply Chain Process that Drives Real Results

Excerpts from a Conversation with Todd Larkin, Chief Operating Officer, Intalere

Intalere’s owner, Intermountain Healthcare, has been recognized consistently for being in the Gartner top category for supply chain and now as a masterclass in supply chain.

I was extremely excited to join Intalere, bringing a non-healthcare perspective and also tapping into the highest healthcare supply chain expertise within our own company. I’ve been extremely impressed with Intermountain’s capabilities. They have a lot of the framework that I’m familiar with from outside of healthcare. They are also constantly pushing the envelope and trying to evolve and transform their supply chain capabilities and the impact of that on the care that they provide to their patients.

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That’s been a great partnership, and we’ve been working with Intermountain to understand their supply chain best practices and we integrate that into the context of Intalere, using it internally, but also how do we make that a service that’s available to our membership and our clients?

When I began with Intalere in 2017, we fully committed to delivering savings to Intermountain through an engaged collaborative model that also included our suppliers. We mobilized the teams, increased the level of integration between Intalere and Intermountain, and implemented processes to identify, qualify and track initiatives. From 2017 through 2019, we helped Intermountain save more than $40 million in supply chain expenditures, with a continued commitment to grow those numbers.

The next challenge we’re working on is how do we ultimately take those best practices, the processes and talent development that’s required, as well as the technology, and make that available to members so they can tap into it themselves. Whether they’re a large facility and can implement them on their own or with the help of Intalere, or if they’re a small facility, and don’t have as large or complex of an organization, how can they tap into Intalere’s resources that have already adopted those best practices so they can get the value they may not otherwise have been able to achieve.

We’re developing category roadmaps that will lay out new strategies in the healthcare supply market for our customer base. We had initiatives in 2018 and 2019 that were proofs of concepts internally and to the market and they succeeded. They delivered value for our clients, for our suppliers and for Intalere. And we continue to aggressively pursue capturing that value and increasing the competitiveness of our portfolio. Those are the critical connections that need to be made that make everybody better, with a foundation of an increased level of transparency, integration and collaboration.

We’ve done it with Intermountain and other members, finding and sharing best practices more broadly across our client base. There are always opportunities to learn and improve and ultimately transform the way we do the work that’s so important to our members’ patients.

We Can Help. Intalere provides resources that can assist in the area of supply chain and supplier relationships, as well as many other areas of your healthcare facility. Review our Financial Transformation Toolkit and reach out to see how we can help. Contact Customer Service at 877-711-5600 or customerservice@intalere.com or your Intalere representative.

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