Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight: Congress Clinic Pharmacy – The First Remote Pharmacy In Arizona


Residents in the remote rural desert area of Arizona did not have convenient pharmacy services available to them. Patients would need to travel 15+ miles one way, wait 30-60 minutes or longer to have their prescription filled, then travel back home 15+ miles. Prescription studies show that only 50-70 prescriptions out of 100 are filled, but this increases to 95% at point-of-care dispensing.


Wickenburg Community Hospital operates a health clinic 15 miles north of Wickenburg, in one of these remote rural communities, Congress, Ariz. To provide greater access to pharmacy services, the clinic break room was restructured and transformed into the Congress Clinic Pharmacy, the first remote pharmacy in Arizona. Pharmacy software was expanded for use in the new remote location and an additional staff technician was hired. The technician receives prescriptions from the clinic provider, or any other provider, and fills the prescription. Using advanced state-of-the-art technology, the technician completes all steps in conjunction with the pharmacist located at the Wickenburg Community Hospital Pharmacy.


The remote pharmacy opened in April 2019 and has been very well received by the local community with prescription volume increases each month. Specific quality metrics will be developed after the pharmacy has been in operation for a year or more.

About Congress Clinic Pharmacy

Congress Clinic Pharmacy is the first remote pharmacy in Arizona. The pharmacy is remotely linked to the base pharmacy at Wickenburg Community Hospital.

Check out the project video and view the Congress Clinic Pharmacy page in the 2020 Intalere Best Practices Compendium.

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