About Intalere

Intalere’s mission focuses on elevating the operational health of America’s healthcare providers by designing tailored, smart solutions that deliver optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes.

We strive to be the essential partner for operational excellence in healthcare through customized solutions that address customers’ individual needs by assisting in managing their entire non-labor spend, providing innovative technologies, products and services, and leveraging the best practices of a provider-led model.

Drawing on the power of our owner Intermountain Healthcare’s nationally-recognized healthcare supply chain expertise and leadership in technology, process improvement, and evidence-based clinical and business best practices, Intalere is uniquely positioned to be the innovation leader in the healthcare industry.

Intalere’s innovative solutions are designed to reduce costs, enable data driven strategies and improve performance so that healthcare providers can focus on providing optimal patient care today and in the future.

Rather than just pricing or negotiation that has traditionally defined the group purchasing (GPO) industry, Intalere provides core GPO services important to our customers, wrapped in innovation, proprietary technology and people. Intalere encompasses an entire range of personal services and consultative development aspects of operational excellence, not just more efficient acquisition and distribution of material.

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