Intalere Member Conference 2013

Member Best Practice Spotlight: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute – Painful Product Conversions? Partner with Nursing for Positive Results

This month, the Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight focuses on the supply chain.  First up is the Dana Farber Cancer Insitute. Issue: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Product Standards team faced recurring challenges when it approved a new product for conversion, because of issues including key nursing contacts not being informed, products not being available at the […]

Intalere Member Achievement Award Winners

In my last post, I shared some thoughts from our Executive Forum, about how healthcare providers, are taking active, ground-breaking roles in managing the future of their organizations.  This week, my point was further illustrated, as we announced the winners of the fifth annual Intalere Healthcare Achievement Awards.  From a record number of entries, we […]