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Ensuring the Resilience of Your Supply Chain – Team, Strategy and Tools – Part 1

Excerpts from a Conversation with Intalere Senior Advisory Specialist, Tracey Chadwell Supply chain resiliency is a term and phrase that has really gained traction over the past several months as we deal with the fallout of the pandemic and seek to apply some lessons and best practices so we can avoid making the same mistakes […]

9 Reasons for Inefficiencies in Supply Management

by Tracey Chadwell, Senior Director, Advisory Solutions, Intalere In recent blog posts, we discussed the idea of supply utilization management and building a sustainable process to identify gaps in supply chain strategies and create new behaviors that bring savings to your healthcare facility’s bottom line. One area of particular scrutiny is waste in the supply […]

Supply Utilization Management (SUM) – Part 2: What it Takes to Achieve Improvement

By Peter Cayan, Vice President, and Tracey Chadwell, Senior Director, Advisory Solutions In part one of our supply utilization management discussion, we began by defining the concept of supply utilization management and explained how so many aspects beyond initial price affect your true cost. In this post, we’ll review how you can build a culture […]

Supply Utilization Management (SUM) – Part One: The Untapped Well

By Peter Cayan, Vice President and Tracey Chadwell, Senior Director, Advisory Solutions While controlling cost and reducing variation will always be mission-critical functions to any and all supply chain managers, these tip-of-the-iceberg savings represent only about 37% of the total lifecycle cost of supply purchases. The preponderance of your product, service and technology life cycle […]

“Graduating” Through the Levels of Supply Chain Knowledge – Part 2

By Tracey Chadwell, Senior Director, Medical Surgical Advisory Solutions In our last post, we introduced the idea and value of making supply chain a strategic function of your healthcare organization and shared the idea of a supply chain hierarchy, beginning with some important building blocks. Here, we progress further through the hierarchy, with advanced and […]

10 Ways Surgery Centers Can Use Technology to Drive Their Supply Chain Strategy

By Erika Johnson, National Director, ASC, Intalere From the apparent to the less obvious, what are 10 ways information technology (IT) can help an ASC or outpatient facility/department improve its supply chain operations? Most simply, software, through even a basic materials management information system (MMIS), can provide benchmarks and goals for organizations to use to […]