Healthcare Leadership

Management’s Role in Improving Quality and Producing Safer Outcomes in Healthcare

By Shon Wettstein, Vice President, Business Development, and Stephanie Dorwart, CEO, Altius Healthcare Consulting  With today’s advanced technologies, healthcare providers have saved more lives than ever thought possible. Miracles are happening every day. State-of-the-art equipment currently available certainly plays a role, but these miracles are due mainly to the outstanding teams of medical professionals who […]

Lessons from a Rural Healthcare Revival

By Todd Bengtson, Sr. Director, Key Accounts, Intalere Rural healthcare providers today, especially those seeking to maintain some level of independence or autonomy, face very difficult circumstances. According to the National Rural Health Association (NRHA), nearly 50 rural hospitals have closed since 2010 and close to 300 others are in financial difficulty. There are several […]

Intalere Awards and Compendium Illustrate the Benefits of a Provider-Led Model

By Julius Heil, President and CEO, Intalere Each year, through the Intalere Healthcare Achievement Awards program, Intalere recognizes its members for their successful initiatives implemented to enhance quality and operations, improve patient satisfaction and increase community awareness and education. For our most recent program, 13 winners were chosen to receive awards for their outstanding initiatives. […]

Rebranding Is Easy When Your Story Is True

By Laurie McGrath, CMO, Intalere I remember early on in my career hearing a presentation from David Aakers, the great brand guru at the time, talk about compelling brand stories. As a marketer, I was forever changed by this presentation. I realized for the first time how incredibly important the ability to deliver the story […]

New Intalere Member Best Practice Compendium Shares “How the Best is Done”

By Brent Johnson, Intalere President and CEO In today’s challenging healthcare environment, providers, both big and small, must continuously find creative ways to improve operations, maintaining high levels of quality care, while simultaneously keeping an eye on the bottom line. Our members continually strive to implement outstanding and innovative solutions in reducing healthcare costs and improving […]

Four Key Components of Successful Process Improvement Programs-Part 2

by John Vinarsky, Vice President, Executive Solutions, Intalere In last week’s post, we looked at the first two components of successful process improvement programs. This week we’ll explore getting started and sustainability and growth.  Getting started In the early parts of any process improvement program, it is important to not be overly aggressive, but to […]

Achieving Population Health Management

By Todd Ebert, President and CEO, Intalere If you were to ask 10 different people to define Population Health Management (PHM), you might get 10 different answers. To put it simply, PHM means healthcare providers are responsible for caring for the health outcomes of defined groups (or populations) of patients. Physicians can no longer dwell […]

Four Keys to Customer Service – and Saying Thanks

by Todd Ebert, President and CEO, Intalere As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we are always reminded of those things both personally and professionally that we truly appreciate.  On the professional side, one particular thing for me is being able to build lasting relationships with customers, fulfilling our shared goals and helping them to overcome the […]

5 Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Your Group Purchasing Organization

By Todd Ebert, Intalere President and CEO The role of group purchasing organizations has evolved to a great degree over the years. At Intalere, we actually use the terminology, “healthcare solutions organization,” because of the great number of services we now offer our members beyond traditional contracting portfolios. Let’s take a look at five general tips that […]

GPOs – Charting the Path Forward

In a previous post, I referenced the continuing efforts of GPOs to reinvent ourselves and ensure that we continue to bring value to our customers on a routine basis. That commitment is manifested in events such as the annual Intalere Executive Forum, which provides members the opportunity to meet with leading industry executives, government policy […]