Healthcare Leadership

Achieving Population Health Management

By Todd Ebert, President and CEO, Intalere If you were to ask 10 different people to define Population Health Management (PHM), you might get 10 different answers. To put it simply, PHM means healthcare providers are responsible for caring for the health outcomes of defined groups (or populations) of patients. Physicians can no longer dwell […]

Four Keys to Customer Service – and Saying Thanks

by Todd Ebert, President and CEO, Intalere As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we are always reminded of those things both personally and professionally that we truly appreciate.  On the professional side, one particular thing for me is being able to build lasting relationships with customers, fulfilling our shared goals and helping them to overcome the […]

5 Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Your Group Purchasing Organization

By Todd Ebert, Intalere President and CEO The role of group purchasing organizations has evolved to a great degree over the years. At Intalere, we actually use the terminology, “healthcare solutions organization,” because of the great number of services we now offer our members beyond traditional contracting portfolios. Let’s take a look at five general tips that […]