Healthcare Reform

Driving Value in Healthcare Through Supplier Collaboration – Part 1: What’s Forcing the Need for Healthcare Supply Chain to Show Greater Value?

Excerpts from a Conversation with Todd Larkin, Chief Operating Officer, Intalere By the nature of their design and objectives, new payment models really are forcing supply chain to demonstrate that value, and that requires collaboration – with other providers, suppliers and group purchasing entities. We need to understand how healthcare providers can maximize their relationships […]

Deliver Value to the Customer and the Community

by Julius Heil, President and CEO, Intalere As in any consumer transaction, customers must feel that they have received proper value from their medical care provider. But as we have touched upon throughout other sections of this briefing, that value must be balanced between cost/quality factors to ensure sustainability for all. All options, including alternative […]

Nutrition in the Changing Healthcare Landscape

by Peter Cayan, MA, RD, CDN, LDN Senior Director, Nutrition Specialists, Intalere Nutrition and nutrition therapy have never been more relevant than now in the age of healthcare reform and the changing healthcare landscape. I recently discussed this topic with Dr. Tracy Smith, senior clinical manager for Abbott Nutrition, for a podcast. According to the […]

Five Areas of Focus to Improve Patient Safety and Satisfaction

by Annette Hutchins, Senior Director, Medical Surgical Specialist Team Achieving patient-centered excellence and ensuring clinicians have the tools and support necessary to deliver evidence-based care consistently and safely, is a major objective for any healthcare organization. What are some of the important areas facilities are focusing on to help them along the journey to patient […]

How to Find Opportunities to Advance Your Supply Chain Organization

By Brent Johnson, President and CEO, Intalere A recent supply chain survey conducted by UPS found that only 18 percent of companies could produce a current supply chain strategy document with a detailed project roadmap. Why? Much of it has to do with the fact that supply chain, especially in the case of healthcare, is […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight: Crossing Rivers Health Navigating the C’s – Collaboration, Coordination and Continuity – to Reduce Readmissions

This post looks at how the implementation of an interdisciplinary readmission team at Crossing Rivers Health in Wisconsin helped dramatically reduce readmission rates. Issue Crossing Rivers Health was missing the consistency necessary to sustain a reduction in readmission rates. The facility’s goal was to enhance collaboration, coordination and continuity related to patient care transitions. Solution An […]

Supply Chain Strategies in Healthcare Reform Will Require Much More than Price Management

by Brent Johnson, Intalere President and CEO Supply Chain Management is practiced by most large companies with significant financial success, but what exactly is Supply Chain Management? More than just seeking to pay a lower price on products and services, it entails a disciplined, systematic process of analyzing corporate expenditures and developing strategies to reduce […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight: Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital – Community Hospital’s Journey for HCAHPS Excellence

We continue our series featuring members and their best practices. This one features Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital and its journey for HCAHPS excellence. Issue Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital’s (MJMH’s) inpatient satisfaction scores were among the lowest in Mississippi as well as nationwide. These scores were measured through Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems […]

Solving the PPI Problem

By Lori Pilla, Vice President, Supply Chain Optimization and Intalere Clinical Advantage, Intalere The costs and inherent issues of physician preference items (PPIs) in hospitals and surgery centers have been challenges in the healthcare setting for many years. But as providers are faced with shrinking reimbursements and service line contribution margins in this era of […]

The Evolution of Telehealth

by Marshall Busko, Senior Director, Information Technology Solutions, Intalere Telehealth continues to be a complex landscape in healthcare. Although technology now provides many intriguing opportunities to advance its delivery, challenges with reimbursement, regulatory compliance, and market uncertainty continue to limit its impact on the ultimate measures of success – better outcomes and lower costs. What […]