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Driving Value in Healthcare Through Supplier Collaboration – Part 1: What’s Forcing the Need for Healthcare Supply Chain to Show Greater Value?

Excerpts from a Conversation with Todd Larkin, Chief Operating Officer, Intalere By the nature of their design and objectives, new payment models really are forcing supply chain to demonstrate that value, and that requires collaboration – with other providers, suppliers and group purchasing entities. We need to understand how healthcare providers can maximize their relationships […]

Advancing the Healthcare Supply Chain: Are There Really Any Secrets to Success?

Excerpts from a discussion with Intalere Chief Commercial Officer Steve Kiewiet When it comes to advancing the strategic importance of the healthcare supply chain, what are some of the secrets to success? There’s no one answer and nobody has the playbook. But it can be extremely successful as evidenced by many healthcare organizations across the […]

Advancing the Healthcare Supply Chain: The Necessary Skill Set

Excerpts from a discussion with Intalere Chief Commercial Officer Steve Kiewiet Throughout my career, I have been a passionate advocate about the C-level strategic value that supply chain leaders can bring to their organizations. In that vein, what are some of the strategic operational areas that supply chain professionals can spend a little bit more […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – Mankato Surgery Center – Managing the Supply Chain and Inventory Efficiencies

ISSUE Mankato Surgery Center was noticing variables in the year-end physical inventory counting, inconsistencies in product nomenclature, inaccuracies in identifying consignment inventory, and inaccuracies of the physical counts that lead to significant over-valuation of inventory and difficulty in determining profitability. SOLUTION A newly created multi-disciplinary Inventory Efficiency Workgroup identified the general assumptions and developed a […]

Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Supply Chain with Clean Data

By Shon Wettstein, Vice President of Business Development and Product Management Clean data could be defined as accurate catalog fields that reduce transactional discrepancies, promote in-depth organizational reporting and assist in the implementation of standardized product categories across your enterprise. Clean data is always a work in progress, not just an outcome. So what are […]