Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight-Special Tree Rehabilitation Center-Creating a ‘Win-Win’ For Patients and Providers through Supply Chain Management

ISSUE In December 2014, the leadership team at Special Tree noted a 12% increase in year-over-year (YOY), 2013 vs. 2014, non-labor spend in spite of working with a group purchasing partner. During the same timeframe, the YOY revenue growth was less than 4%. Special Tree risked a negative impact on staffing levels and an unwanted, […]

What’s Your Level of Supply Chain Maturity?

by Lori Pilla, Vice President, Custom Contracting and Supply Chain Consulting Solutions, Intalere The maturity of your supply chain depends on many factors, including size of the organization, class of trade and available resources. The capabilities your organization possesses in terms of tactics, operations and strategy can offer a glimpse into where you are in […]

How to Find Opportunities to Advance Your Supply Chain Organization

By Brent Johnson, President and CEO, Intalere A recent supply chain survey conducted by UPS found that only 18 percent of companies could produce a current supply chain strategy document with a detailed project roadmap. Why? Much of it has to do with the fact that supply chain, especially in the case of healthcare, is […]

Four Key Capabilities for Supply Chain Excellence

By Brent Johnson, President and CEO, Intalere Healthcare entities have long been behind the curve when it comes to supply chain success. But in recent years, I have noticed we are beginning to “turn the corner,” and focusing on equipping our organizations and people with the resources and knowledge to elevate the supply chain as […]

The 12 Fundamental Best Practices of Supply Chain Management (#10-12)

By Brent Johnson, President and CEO, Intalere In my last post of this series, we focus on the final three fundamental supply chain best practices, around internal business costs and processes. Manage inventory – The key to maximizing your strategy should include aspects of inventory control (access), management (establishing par levels, etc.) and integrity (expiration), […]

The 12 Fundamental Best Practices of Supply Chain Management (#4-6)

By Brent Johnson, President and CEO, Intalere In my last post, I began highlighting the fundamental best practices of healthcare supply chain management, with the goal of helping you elevate your supply chain operation into a strategic resource. We started with a few building blocks – developing a strategy, aligning the supply chain organization and […]

Supply Chain Strategies in Healthcare Reform Will Require Much More than Price Management

by Brent Johnson, Intalere President and CEO Supply Chain Management is practiced by most large companies with significant financial success, but what exactly is Supply Chain Management? More than just seeking to pay a lower price on products and services, it entails a disciplined, systematic process of analyzing corporate expenditures and developing strategies to reduce […]

Why Standardization and Commitment in the Supply Chain Makes Sense

by Brent Johnson, Intalere President and CEO Today’s healthcare supply chain professionals are eager for frameworks that can assist them in analyzing and improving their supply chain for maximum effectiveness. One of the most direct and effective ways to streamline processes and reduce costs is through standardization and volume commitment. Identifying and eliminating duplication, in […]