Supply Chain

Leveraging Automation to Ease Challenges for ASCs – Part 1

By John Carmelite, Vice President, Enterprise Applications, Intalere The data and technology revolution has opened up a significant opportunity for innovation and advancement in many sectors including healthcare. One area of advancement that is ripe with possibilities is the ability to adapt intelligent automation into your processes. For many healthcare organizations, it may seem like […]

10 Ways Surgery Centers Can Use Technology to Drive Their Supply Chain Strategy

By Erika Johnson, National Director, ASC, Intalere From the apparent to the less obvious, what are 10 ways information technology (IT) can help an ASC or outpatient facility/department improve its supply chain operations? Most simply, software, through even a basic materials management information system (MMIS), can provide benchmarks and goals for organizations to use to […]

Does Your Facility Need to Invest in Ultra-Low Temp Freezers or Cold Storage Supplies for a COVID-19 Vaccine?

By Michael Gerhardt, Senior Director, Advisory Solutions and Greg Chavez, Senior Advisor, Pharmacy Advisory Solutions, Intalere Among the latest challenges and questions facing many healthcare facilities is the need to assess cold storage resources for a forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine. Simply put, at this point, the situation is not clear as to which vaccines will win […]

Driving Value in Healthcare Through Supplier Collaboration – Part 3: What Are Some Best Supply Chain Practices From Outside Healthcare?

Excerpts from a Conversation with Todd Larkin, Chief Operating Officer, Intalere An interesting corollary to my experience in other industries is that supply chain has continued to evolve and grow its influence across an organization. When I joined the healthcare industry, I noticed that the primary focus of most supply chain organizations is very much […]

Driving Value in Healthcare Through Supplier Collaboration – Part 2- What Are the Critical Pieces of Building More Strategic Supplier Relationships?

Excerpts from a Conversation with Todd Larkin, Chief Operating Officer, Intalere A critical piece of this new engagement model is sharing information and insights across the supply chain. That’s always been a sensitive topic between providers and suppliers. The lack of sharing, based on a traditional lack of trust and transparency, is perhaps an artifact […]

Advancing the Healthcare Supply Chain: The Necessary Skill Set

Excerpts from a discussion with Intalere Chief Commercial Officer Steve Kiewiet Throughout my career, I have been a passionate advocate about the C-level strategic value that supply chain leaders can bring to their organizations. In that vein, what are some of the strategic operational areas that supply chain professionals can spend a little bit more […]

Advancing the Healthcare Supply Chain: Collaborating, “Letting Go” and Doing the Tough Work to Advance the Process

Excerpts from a discussion with Intalere Chief Commercial Officer Steve Kiewiet On the cost management side of the healthcare supply chain, studies show that billions of dollars in the entire industry are spent on products that never get used in the actual delivery of care for a variety of reasons including inventory management, consumption management […]

The Importance of an Emergency Supply Chain Audit Plan

By Missy Hill, Med Surg Advisory Specialist, Intalere Among the innumerable impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a focus on the importance of the supply chain in general and the healthcare supply chain in particular. What many organizations have found is that the cost of not being prepared is extremely high and severely affects […]

Guidelines for Vetting Alternate PPE Suppliers and Navigating the Gray Market

By Dan Wayman, Senior Director, Clinical Category Strategy and Becky Lowe, Category Lead, Intalere Many counterfeit products are being offered in response to the demand generated by the COVID-19 epidemic. It is important to be diligent in reviewing the viability of the suppliers and their products to avoid unnecessary risk. In response to the number […]

Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – Columbia County Health System – Materials Management Redesign

Issue Materials Management was a forgotten department at Columbia County Health System. There was a problem with inventory “shrinkage,” but the department was so disorganized that it was hard to determine the cause of the issue. The facility utilized four group purchasing organizations (GPOs), however, contact was minimal and benefits were not being realized. Solution […]