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How to Build a Successful Equipment Planning and Procurement Solution for Your Healthcare Facility – Part 2

By Mike Reid, Vice President, Construction, Capital and Facility Services, Intalere, and Scott Vinson, President, Mitchell Planning Associates

Last week we introduced the importance of capital equipment planning for healthcare and highlighted two factors that go into building a successful solution, benchmarking and capital budget analysis and reporting.  This week we’ll look at three additional building blocks for a successful solution.

Annual Capital Planning – On an annual basis, a survey of existing fixed and major moveable equipment, for the purpose of replacement and project related capital medical equipment should be conducted. The survey should incorporate feedback from user groups and clinical engineers, determining factors for equipment replacement such as expected life, utilization, frequency of failures and recalls, and equipment analysis reports documenting quantities, models and reuse conditions.

Medical Equipment Planning, Procurement, Installation and Relocation Management – Service should include general planning such as programming/schematic design, design development and construction documents, along with procurement strategies such as development of RFPs, pricing analysis, negotiations, requisitions/purchase orders, expediting/tracking. Your plan should also provide for installation and relocation management, covering vendor coordination, equipment schedules, assembly and tagging, warehouse management, delivery management, manage in-room placement and  punch lists.

Equipment Master Plan Ensuring your facility has the right equipment to accurately diagnose your patients is critical as the healthcare industry transforms from volume driven (quantitative) to value driven (qualitative). The goal of the Equipment Master Plan is to provide an objective, integrated multi-year capital forecast of equipment costs which integrates annual capital funding for equipment upgrades and replacements and project funded equipment for expansion and renovations.

Medical equipment is multifaceted, with a vast set of product options that require specifications, sourcing, expediting and coordination of installation. Facilities need programs and partners that ensure total accountability for medical equipment, from project inception to occupancy.

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