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Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight – New York City Health + Hospitals/Sea View – Antibiotic Stewardship


Misuse and overuse of antibiotics is a pressing public health issue in our country. Many adverse events have been attributed to antibiotic use compromising quality of life and safety of patients. Via a quality assurance process, New York City Health + Hospitals/Sea View recognized a large percentage of its residents triggered for antibiotic use.


Sea View implemented an interdisciplinary quality improvement initiative targeted at adopting the best practices aligned in Antibiotic Stewardship principles. Leadership support of this project lead to the program’s success. Current policies and procedures related to antibiotic use were amended to align with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) practices and a facility algorithm for assessing residents prior to starting any antibiotics was developed. The following practices were implemented:

  • All practitioners were given a list of antibiotic agents listed on Sea View’s formulary. 
  • An Antibiotic Stewardship binder with all identified components is available on all units. 
  • An all-inclusive antibiotic educational syllabus was added to the facility practice. 
  • The expertise of Infectious Disease practitioners is utilized. 
  • Antibiotic prescribing practices, as well as adverse events, are tracked and monitored.
  • A report card is generated to each practitioner who has prescribed an antibiotic. 
  • A weekly time slot is dedicated to discuss appropriate versus inappropriate antibiotic starts. 
  • Assessment tools were added to be proactive in preventing infections.
  • A simulation lab was developed to both teach and evaluate competency of perineal care practice. 
  • A hydration program was established – a necessary component in reducing urinary tract infections.


Measurement of success was tracked via data collection over a 12-month period showing improvement in appropriate antibiotic treatment practices by 35%. Sea View is proud to have served residents well by providing a safer environment for residents to call home.

About New York City Health + Hospitals/Sea View

New York City Health + Hospitals/Sea View is a 304-bed post-acute care facility located in Staten Island, N.Y., on a palatial 60-acre campus. Specialty services include state-certified dementia and brain injury units. Sea View is the proud recipient of the CMS five-star rating.

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