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Aggregating Purchasing and Expertise to Achieve Value – Blackmaple Group


Blackmaple Group (BMG) discovered that each member of its client U.S. Women’s Health Alliance (USWHA), an association of 400 OBGYNs, was paying widely variable prices for goods, and each had individual relationships with distributors and group purchasing organizations (GPOs). Streamlining would create efficiency, knowledge and value.


BMG drove a request for proposal (RFP) which would result in forming an aggregation group for members of USWHA, and would include relationships with a single distributor and single GPO to ensure ongoing aggregation, loyalty and team cohesion. The RFP asked for savings, price parity for members, data provision and longer-term partnership for continued and expanded savings through aggregation. Medline (distributor) and Intalere (GPO) were chosen to partner with USWHA in this aggregation model. BMG also drove best practices in executive management, change management and implementation to drive the program’s success.


Over a period of three years, the aggregation model has more than 95% USWHA member compliance and members have saved more than $5 million. The new model has also resulted in deeper cohesion and supply chain business knowledge among USWHA practices. BMG aggregation business has grown to more than $30 million in annual GPO purchasing over the same period.


Blackmaple Group is a consulting firm and purchasing aggregator, serving more than 2,000 ship-tos in more than 40 states. USWHA is an industry association of independent OBGYNs with more than 2,000 provider members.

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