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Member Best Practice Spotlight: Verde Valley Medical Center – Medication Strategy for Value-Based Performance

VMMC-The Medication Family ring and training tool

As we recognize American Diabetes Month, this week’s blog post looks at how Verde Valley Medical Center initiated a medication compliance program to benefit patients with chronic conditions including diabetes. 


Verde Valley Medical Center’s (VVMC’s) performance data identified an opportunity to meet the needs of the diverse local community of Native Americans (Yavapai Apache Nation), Mexican immigrants and senior citizens who face challenges in medication compliance.


Through a collaborative effort involving pharmacy, nursing and medical staff, VVMC identified the most common medications a patient is prescribed at discharge and developed unique cards to enhance performance outcomes – 18 “drug family” cards and two “take home facts” information cards. The cards are provided to patients during care as medication is dispensed and at discharge during medication reconciliation. This gives the caregivers and the patients easy-to-understand information “in hand” and provides the opportunity for caregivers to have ongoing discussions with patients, especially in the management of chronic conditions – diabetes, cardiac and respiratory therapy, as well as pain and antibiotic use.


The data improved from patient satisfaction and government mandated value-based purchasing perspectives. Re-admission rates decreased while patient satisfaction, education and discharge instructions increased. Additional stakeholders in the community were identified.

About Verde Valley Medical Center

Formed in 1939, Verde Valley Medical Center is a full-service, 99-bed, non-profit hospital serving North Central Arizona. Four locations serve the Verde Valley and surrounding communities: Cottonwood campus, Sedona campus, Camp Verde Health Center, and Village of Oak Creek Health Center. More than 800 professional and support staff are employed at VVMC. The Medical Staff is comprised of nearly 100 physicians representing 25 medical specialties. We are a member of Northern Arizona Healthcare, which also serves patients through Flagstaff Medical Center, Northern Arizona Homecare and Northern Arizona Hospice.

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