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Intalere Member Best Practice Spotlight: Miravida Living – Moving Procure-to-Pay Into the 21st Century


With tightening budgets, Miravida Living was challenged with combining the purchasing efforts of its multiple locations. How could Miravida Living effectively decrease redundant inventories, optimize volume purchasing to obtain better pricing and reduce time-consuming manual input in their procure-to-pay system?


By partnering with Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS), an Intalere contracted supplier, Miravida Living implemented ENVI, a materials management system, in May of 2016. Through the use of ENVI, Miravida Living has moved to an electronic method of inventory management that is visible to the entire campus. The facility is able to channel all purchasing activities through ENVI to focus purchases to approved suppliers. Once implemented, ENVI was able to offer a view into the complete supply chain.


Since the launch of the program, Miravida Living has seen an initial reduction of 1,300 hours relating to the purchasing process. This will equate to an annual savings of $30,000 in labor spend. The facility has realized a 51% increase in contract utilization resulting in an increase in rebates and a potential of approximately 10-12% reduction in price paid for goods. By standardizing the products purchased and consolidating volumes, Miravida Living will continue to see results through better pricing.


Miravida Living provides a full continuum of housing and healthcare services for the elderly and others in need. Included in their offerings are Bethel Home, a 128-bed skilled nursing facility, Eden Meadows with 30 rehabilitation suites and 20 skilled care beds, Gabriel’s Villa with 40 assisted living apartments, Elijah’s Place with 12 beds dedicated to dementia care, Carmel Residence featuring 74 apartments dedicated to independent living and three HUD subsidized complexes offering 220 apartments to seniors 62+ years of age.

Check out the project video and view the Miravida Living page in the 2017 Intalere Best Practices Compendium. Read the full success story.

Four Benefits of Utilizing Procure-to-Pay Best Practices

Busko, Marshall 2012

by Marshall Busko, Senior Director, Information Technology Solutions, Intalere

The struggle to maintain greater control and compliance on spend – both clinical and non-clinical – coupled with the consistent demand to reduce costs and increase efficiency, can be overcome by consolidating procurement and expense management capabilities. Linking the procurement and accounts payable functions through an automated, integrated systems is a key that can provide great benefits to your organization. Let’s look at some of the top benefits.

Cost Reduction

Centralizing all purchasing under one procurement system helps build volume that aids in negotiating better pricing and accessing better pricing tiers.  The solutions also can help manage inventory, and reduce operational costs by eliminating paperwork, manual resources, rework and costly errors.

Spend Visibility

Healthcare organizations can gain a clear view into their full supply chain – including off contract spend – through tracking and reports that are many times customizable.  These systems can also capture data that can be utilized to provide business intelligence that is critical to pursuing further enhancements in operational, and even clinical, functions.

Productivity and Control

Procure-to-pay systems generally offer users access to requisitions and ordering options online literally at the touch of a button. Manual searching and engagement is minimized and allows procurement staff to concentrate their efforts on strategic, higher value activities.

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